SLSF #86573 PS-4750 Covered Hopper still on the road in 2015

Discussion in 'Hopper Cars' started by trainsignguy, May 14, 2015.

  1. trainsignguy

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    Caught SLSF #86573 in Pearl Yard on the MNA in Carthage, MO on 2/27/15.

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  2. gjslsffan

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    Well, I think that is just pretty darned cool stuff there.
    Thank you for posting the photo of your efforts!!
  3. paul slavens

    paul slavens Member

    That's neat. A couple weeks ago my 10 year old son told me he saw a train pass by the school that had a rusty boxcar with the "ship it on the Frisco!" logo on it. I asked him if he was sure and he said yes. I had to wonder if that was even possible. I am sure he was not making things up, but had to wonder if he saw something else that he thought was a Frisco boxcar.
  4. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    Paul, I would say a lot of things are possible, on most railroads, in their car tracking systems, they have what is called the "Lost Track". Basicly that just means they don't know where the car is at, so they show the car in a lost track.. Its not unusual, if a car is back in a industry track, maybe sat their many years ago, no one accounts for it, maybe on a foreign road. I have even seen the railroad retire a switch, say the railroad does not own the track and has no idea if a car is down in the track or not. It would surprise folks to know just how far some of those industry tracks go. Most of that started back in the early 80's. The powers at the time decided that if the railroad didn't own the track they would not maintain or inspect the private track. Prior to about the 80's the rail carrier pretty well took care of all track on their lines.
    Just adding, I have also seen the city or state asphalt pave over the track about 2 or more inches, with a car on the other side.
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