SLSF #81187, 3-Bay Covered Hopper

Discussion in 'Hopper Cars' started by Tom Stebly, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Tom Stebly

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    Here is a Frisco 3 bay PS covered hopper that I photographed last month in the UP yard in North Enid. There are several of these former Frisco cars in a pool that services the Oxbow Calcining (formerly Great Lakes Carbon) plant in Kremlin. They are generally in good shape with little graffiti and original reporting marks. Enjoy...

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  2. yardmaster

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    Thanks, Tom. I've never quite figured out why the reweigh data would be painted in, along with what appears to be a repainted number, but with the original reporting marks. No complaints, though.

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  3. Joe Lovett

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    Nice find, Tom!

    I noticed the hopper has a July 1977 build date in the second photo. It's in pretty good shape for a 39 year old.

    Please post more photos of any other Frisco cars that you find in Enid.

  4. Tom Stebly

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    Thanks guys - I apologize for the late reply - it has been busy around here.

    Yardmaster - I actually caught the other side of this car the other day and the weight data is original to the car. I am guessing it was graffitied or there was some other damage in the patched areas. I will try to upload the other pics later when I get a chance.

    Joe - I would be more than happy to add other ex Frisco equipment if I see it pass through town. I caught a BN boxcar about two years ago with the coonskin rusting through the green paint - I will see if I can find those pics and post them up as well.
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