SLSF #2019, Cavalcade on #107-117, the Sunnyland, at Merriam, KS

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    John posted a picture of 2015 at EMD without the outline. Ken posted three builders photos of 2016 with the outline.

    Unless there were units delivered out of numeric sequence ( which could have happened ) the photographic evidence implies that 2006-2015 were all delivered without the outline, but 2016 and up had the outline factory applied. So 2015 would be the cutoff.


    P.S. 2015 is also the center unit in the group shot John posted with the builders photo, so it made it onto the property without the outline.
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    Could have been 2015 or 2016 instead of 2012 for the first group. I'm not sure of the delivery dates, I don't have my copy of Marre's Frisco Diesel Power handy to check.

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    On further study of the B&W E8 photo, I do not believe it was shot in Springfield. The yard and style of over pass railing do not match anything in Springfield that I can remember. It is also interesting how wimpy the "FRISCO" is in this photo without the white lining. Even the color post card needs the white stripe.

    They sure look good with fresh paint, full skirts, and coupler cover!

    John Sanders
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    The October 1984 issue of Mainline Modeler had an article by Bruce Meyer entitled "Frisco E-Unit Painting Guide" which states on page 80 "The E8 paint scheme came in two minor versions as shipped from EMD. The first ten units (#2006-#2015) were painted with untrimmed front and side stripes as well as untrimmed letters. The railroad felt that the metali-chrome stripes and lettering looked 'too flat' against the red car body so the metali-chrome paint was outlined with white on the last seven E8's." "Metali-chrome" refers to the gold colored paint.

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    OK, now that we think everything is straightened out about white outline/no white outline, can anyone explain (I can't) the photo on pg. 4 of Nothing Could Be Finer than a Frisco Diner that shows 2011 and 2019 in front of the Fort Scott depot in what is says is "early 1959" with 2011 in white-outlined stripes but 2019 without white outlines!

    Now I'm really confused.

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    I believe that during the late 50's there was a return to gold, aka Dupont Metli-Chrome, as the locomotives came due repainting. There are a couple of photos in Classic Trains of a Redbird leaving STL Union Station with the stripe on the flank being a mix of gold and gold with white (clearly a touch-up job). The April 2007 issue of the PTJ has a cover shot taken during June 1961 at Memphis Central Station of 2022 with 808. The locomotive is red and gold sans white. The red and gold was replaced with a red and yellow cat whisker version of the classic livery, which evolved into nobody's favorite, the cigar band.
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    The 2019 in the Diner book is clearly trimmed in gold/gilt. This is in contrast to the phase where the gold was replaced with Dulux imitation gold/yellow as in the photo of 2008 below.

    SLSF 2003 - FSM 3-60.jpg

    So that means that over the full course of their lives on the Frisco the E-8's were painted:

    1. Whisker design with gilt stripes and no white outline (initial batch only)
    2. Whisker design with gilt stripes outlined in white
    3 Back to (1), whiskers with gilt stripes and no white outline
    4. Whisker design with Dulux imitation gold stripes (as in 2008)
    5. Modified F-unit scheme, red with Dulux imitation gold/yellow trim only going back to the cab ladders
    6. The hated orange-and-white cigar band.

    Does that about do it?

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    I think that sums it up nicely. To be sure, not every locomotive was painted in every livery. It would be interesting see how complete of a paint history for each locomotive could be created.
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