SLSF 1322 Transfer Caboose

Discussion in '1300-1345' started by cthart, Sep 27, 2005.

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    I'm looking for pictures of the Frisco transfer cabooses. I'm building a model with a Moloco kit and would like some clear photos. I plan to paint mine yellow.


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    Re: Pictures?

    Here is a picture of a RED transfer caboose. I think I have a yellow one but can't locate it.


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  3. cthart

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    Re: Pictures?

    Hi Glenn,

    Super! If you can find the yellow one too, that would be great, but you've already been a lot of help in determining the placement and style of lettering. A standard Microscale Frisco caboose decal set looks to be suitable.

    Thanks again,

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    One other source for pictures of these transfer cabooses you probably want to add to your collectoin is Nick Molo's Book Frisco/Katy Color Guide to Freight Equipment from morning sun books (see: In addition to being a good reference for Frisco freight equipment, there are pictures of three of these cabooses from Nick's collection. (If you don't know, Nick is Moloco Models).

    I also have a book on Cabooses that includes a shot or two of one of these transfer cabooses. I can get you the info on that book as well.

  6. cthart

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    Hi Paul,

    That book is a bit expensive seeing as I only have a few Frisco models. I model mainly BN around 1980, and want a few Frisco models for interchange traffic. However I need to start building up a library so I might just buy it.


  7. cthart

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    Re: Pictures?

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the Oddball info. I've already ordered a Microscale decal set so I'll just have to see when it arrives if it's suitable.


  8. There is also a transfer caboose 1313|-| [​IMG]
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    Can any tell me what the writing is on this caboose. I know the steps say be careful and that in the center of the car it says Springfield Terminal Only. Is the other writing about the wheels and the brakes. If you know, please I need help.
    Bob Wintle
    Parsons, Ks.

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