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    In re: my posting on the Models section on Accurail's new 40' boxcar. Here's what I've found in my notes on the 127000-130519 series.

    The Museum's "All Aboard," Vol X, No. 1 from Spring '95 shows #128522 on 3-7-1935 in its as-built (I presume) state.

    #129534, dated 3-7-1935, is a steel rebuild "fresh from the paint shop" in Springfield.

    From my other notes picked up here and there, the 3 classes were rebuilt in 1935, 1937, 1941. The first two batches had drop grab irons and drop grab iron ladders, whereas the 1941 rebuilds had bracket-style grabs and side ladders.
    As far as I know, these were the only distinguishing characteristics.

    A few rebuilds in the late 30s had dark brown ends/door/side sills/roof and light tan sides w/red lettering, the Frisco coonskin in red/brown to the left of the door, and the circular FFF logo on right.
    Pictures of these that I have seen of these include 127079, 128000, 128046, 129171, and 130159. This scheme was apparently dropped after 1945(I think around the same time that the pinstriping and FFF logos began to disappear from motive power).

    By 1947 - the "Lines" was dropped from coonskin logo. BCR examples of this scheme for which I'm aware include 127255, 129207, 129529, 129534, and 130360.

    1951 - rebuilt boxcars received the slanted Frisco Fast Freight" logo w/large coonskin. 128186 and 128641 both apparently sported this scheme.

    I would still be interested if someone has a comprehensive list of which DS wood side boxcars were NOT rebuilt. Feel free to contact me off list if you'd like; if someone has the information I'll be glad to compile it into a table for the benefit of all.

    Addendum 7-21-2003: Upon receiving the 1943 ORER Reprint from the NMRA, the list/footnotes on this class of boxcars is probably too exhaustive to include here. Perhaps I will look at doing in the future upon checking with NMRA regarding copyright issues; otherwise, if anyone has questions on specific car numbers, feel free to contact me directly-CLA
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