SD45 #928/BN 6676 High and low-mounted brake cylinder question

Discussion in 'SD45' started by Mike Rains, Aug 5, 2017.

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    Digging through the archives looking at SD45 pics, I noticed that the unit's trucks had apparently been swapped between high and low brake cylinder mounting positions at least once, high mounted in '78 & '79, then low mounted in '83. I can only guess that swapping power trucks was a method for reducing down-time for maintenance. Can anyone confirm or shed light as to another reason that trucks would have been changed?
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    While working as a machinist it would not be uncommon to them to lift a unit off one set of trucks, and put them on another, for any number of reasons. I have a picture of a BN SD40-2 sitting on ATSF silver trucks. Those low cylinder trucks were a bear to adjust brakes on, was usually rectified by just adding a new brake shoe or swapping various used ones, to get the cylinder adjustments in proper limits.
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