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  1. I've been really interested in the Salem Branch, all the short lines and branch lines that radiated from it, the mines and smelters they serve, etc for quite a long time. I created this Google Earth .KMZ file as a way to keep track of all the info I've collected. It's not done and probably never will be, but it represents everything I've found up to this point.

    Much of the historical data has come from right here on the forums. Much of the routing from old maps, especially topographic maps. There's still a lot to be filled in, I'd especially love to learn more about the Sligo and Eastern, as well has find some photos/plats/drawings of the Sligo Iron furnace.

    Someday I'd really like to explore the area in person, hopefully this file can help me figure out where to look and what to look for. Salem branch history.kmz?dl=0
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    Check out the James Library in St. James, MO. MMR Tim Kubat prepared a slide show about geared locomotives in the Ozarks many years ago. He did most of his research in St. James.
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    It would be great if you could share with us what you learn/find about the Salem Branch. My main interest in the branch is in its earliest years (1870s), however later years are interesting, too.

    I will not be downloading the dropbox file, for my last use of dropbox installed an "adware" program on my computer that I had to find/rid.
  4. Coonskin, if you PM your E-mail I'd be glad to E-mail you the KMZ file.
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    Check your PM box!

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    I hate to bump this thread, but is the Dropbox file still available? I get a "404 error" whenever I click the link.
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    Brad, same thing here. I would guess it's no longer functioning. The user hasn't been on the Frisco site for about a year, but might be reachable via a private message?

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    I got the same message, "We can't find what you're looking for. Error code 404".

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    Does anybody have the most current version of the .kmz file that I could have??
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    Here's a time waster.......Make sure you drill down though all of the subgroups, tons of good info.

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