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Discussion in 'Freight Equipment' started by robert, May 6, 2001.

  1. paul

    paul Guest

    Just Spreading the word, Atlas anounced today Frisco hoppers
    on what they call thier 90/100 ton body. This is actually pretty close to the Frisco's 87800-89179 series hoppers.
    (might also be close to 87400-87799 as well, but I haven't

    details are here:

    Looks like 2 numbers (87829 and 88614) in the last lettering scheme applied to these cars.

  2. chris

    chris Guest

    Accurail 86000-Class 55 ton hopper

    Accurail 86000-Class 55 ton hopper. Weathered a bit w/Kadee #5 couplers installed.

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  3. chris

    chris Guest

    Athearn 3-pack of 40' Express Boxcars

    1 of 3 in Athearn 3-pack of 40' Express Boxcars. Needs more appropriate trucks and a few extra details (steam/signal line, better roofwalk, etc.).

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  4. dwain

    dwain Guest

    Saw a Athearn tank car Sat in the local Hobby Shop. It appeared to be a new series of Athearn cars (it was in a red box) and was lettered SL-SF, diesel service only. Did the Frisco ever have any of these cars or simular cars? Thanks Dwain
  5. jim

    jim Guest

    I have an brass Overland 55 ton covered panel side hopper that I wish to paint. What is the correct color for this car; the correct number series; and if it is at all [possible could I obtain a photograph to assist in this project. Any help would be greatly appreciated..

    Thank you very much,

    Jim Houston
  6. aidrian

    aidrian Guest

    Jim Houston asked about the Overland panel side hopper.

    If all my facts are in the right place then these panel sided cars were black throughout their lives , since the rebuild programme for these ARA pattern hoppers took place at the same time as the change from red paint to black (ca 1942 -43). Before the panel sides were added they were red, a similar colour to Modelflex Light Tuscan

    York, England
  7. chris

    chris Guest

    Some questions on HO-modeling of Gons, after perusing the Oddball Decals site:

    (1) Decal set #87-732 lists a Funaro & Camarlengo kit. Anyone have a specific F&C item number for this gondola kit?

    (2) The decal set for the composite rebuilt gondolas (10-40) lists an Intermountain kit.
    Again, any specific Intermountain kit numbers?

    Thanks, in advance.
  8. chris

    chris Guest

    A response from Richard Napper, for those who are interested. Thanks, Richard!

    The F and C Kit I would use for the original gondola is the 41'6" emergency gondola with wood sides, and use a rebuilt steel version for the second rebuilt car with and without the side panels. The two decal will actually do three gondola cars, two rebuilt with steel sides and one with the original wood sides.--Richard
  9. don

    don Guest

    Locomotive Auxiliary Tender No. 121 Scratchbuilt

    Locomotive Auxiliary Tender No. 121. I finally finished this project after 20 years of it sitting in a box. Scratchbuilt from brass except for trucks and couplers. Painted with lacquer and weathered with chalks. It's not as rusty looking in the flesh as it is in the photo.

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  10. chris

    chris Guest

    Here's some information that Jerry Glow forwarded me (an inquiry from him and a response from Benjamin Hom) on the Steam-Era list
    for using Sylvan Scale Models USRA rebuilds for the Frisco USRA DS boxcar rebuilds. As far
    as I knew, the only ways to model these were if you had the discontinued Sunshine kit, or through kitbashing/scratchbuilding.
    SL-SF 127000-130499 (~2400 cars within this series), rebuilt 1937, 1939, and 1941 at Springfield, MO shops. 9 ft 1 in IH, 5/5/5 Murphy Ends, Murphy XLA roof, 8 Panel Sides, triangular side sill brackets, 6 ft Camel Door.
  11. douglas

    douglas Guest

    Steamlined Passenger Cars

    OK, I know they never had any vista domes. But they should have. That Ozarks scenery was deserving, and the vertical clearances were fine. IHC model with added 36" wheels and Kadee 508's Doug

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  12. douglas

    douglas Guest

    Brad Sloan's HO model of 3805 Box

    Brad Sloan's HO model of 3805 as entered in the 2004 NMRA MCR Convention.

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  13. douglas

    douglas Guest

    Brad Sloan's HO diner 640

    Inside detail of Brad Sloan's HO diner 640 as entered in the 2004 NMRA MCR convention.

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  14. douglas

    douglas Guest

    PS Lightweight cars for the Meteor

    I'm starting research on modeling the PS Lightweight cars for the Meteor. My research results to date are in the attached file. Comments? Updates? Who else is doing it? A colleague here is modeling the similar KCS PS

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  15. ron

    ron Guest

    What is the correct time frame for the black covered hoppers?
  16. jim mcqueeny

    jim mcqueeny Guest

    Re: Athearn 3-pack of 40' Express Boxcars

    I have two sets of these 40' express Boxcars that have the same numbers. What were the actual nubers so that I can change one set and have correct numbers if I can find more?
    Jim McQueeny
  17. w3hodoug (Doug Hughes RIP 03/24/2021)

    w3hodoug (Doug Hughes RIP 03/24/2021) 2008 Engineer of the Year Supporter

    And now MicroMark has introduced HO 100-ton open hoppers.

  18. meteor910

    meteor910 2009 Engineer of the Year Staff Member Supporter

    Doug - That looks to be the Bowser 100t hopper, done in Frisco colors among several others. Nice model.


    Update: FYI

    I noticed today that one of these Frisco Bowser 100t hoppers is listed on eBay for $5. Not a bad deal for a nice kit like this is. I've built two and like the kit a lot. It's better than the earlier McKean kit.

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