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    I have one of these cars with the 3 '68 Camaros, and 3 '68 AMC Javelins. It came in my old Tyco Burlington train set I got for Christmas in 1971. Look in my album titled, grace65746 lines and you will find the picture of the train. Tyco first produced this car in 1969, and was in production for a long time with automobile changes later. These cars are very fragile, as I had to put steel pins inside the orange side frames,and drill a hole in the deck to superglue it back together. I store this one very carefully to make sure it doesn't get redamaged. Very few of these cars survive today because they easily break. This car is patterned after the Evans Autoloader, which was produced in the mid 50s. Lionel made a car similar to this in O scale, and I think they made an HO version as well. Athearn makes a car similar to this car in HO as well.
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    RE: Tyco Evans Autoloader

    Should anyone be interested, I salvaged one of these from a box of stuff donated to our club last night. It is the rack only, no flatcar. The rack is in excellent condition, and I can disassemble it and ship the components flat in a padded envelope. If someone can use it, just let me know. It will languish about a week before going into the recycle bin.

    Ted Ferkenhoff
    Flagstaff, AZ
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    If anyone goes to the train shows, I always see a few of these cars. Saw at least 1 at Collinsville last weekend.
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    I know this thread is older now, but I have 3 of the tyco auto racks, which for a mixed freight lover like myself is about 2 more than I need. I'd like to keep 2, one to run and a spare. I think I've already broken the tabs on one of the three... the tabs on the bottom of the rack that snap into the flatbed. I'll check during Christmas break. I'd be happy to send it to you at no charge if you can use it. I even have a few automobiles I can send you. - Brandon.

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