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    Attached are a few Frisco photos I took during 1969-1970 when I was an undergrad at the University of Kansas. The captions are somewhat indicative of the subject, but I will try to fill in a bit. The first, captioned UP09, shows a Frisco geep running with several UP units near Lawrence, Kansas. The sceond is a white-and-orange leading a freight at Fort Scott, Kansas, in the fall of 1969. The next two are freights running on the main line at Lenexa, and the last is a local job at the depot in Webster Groves. I apologize for the (lack of) clarity. These images were scanned from Kodacolor negatives that were somewhat deteriorated. I chose to have all my print images from that era scanned so that I did not lose them altogether. As an FYI, this can be done fairly inexpensively (I paid $100.00 for 200 images) and may be a good option if you started out like I did shooting prints rather than slides.


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    These photos are great! I hope you don't mind but I like to play with photoshop and "re-touch" photos. Your originals are on the left. I had some instamatic photos of the Frisco that turned violet and photoshop cleared it right up. It is amazing what the program will do.

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    Wow! That really did a super job. Can you tell me the specific name of the software you are using and whether it takes anything special in the way of an operating system?

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    I use Adobe Photoshop 7.0 which is from about 2002. It's kind of old now but it still does more things with pics than I will ever use. I love the healing brush tool. That's how I removed the slight crease from the F-unit's nose. You might find a copy of the software on eBay at a reasonable price. Thanks for posting the old pics!

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    Thanks for scanning and posting these little time capsules. A couple of these shots are of special interest since they show the consists of the UP-SLSF-SCL pool trains. The third shot clearly shows a SCL (SAL) unit trailing a SLSF GP35 in Lenexa. I have had several people indicate to me that SCL units never made it past Memphis and others who say SCL units never made it past Springfield. I have been running SCL units on my layout to KC from the beginning due to photographic evidence like your photos.

    SLSF employees have told me that SLSF wide vision cabooses didn't make it back to the Frisco from UP very fast as the UP crews liked the ride of the SLSF cabs instead of their own. Maybe some of the former SLSF employees on the website could confirm or debunk that. Regardless, the UP returns SLSF cabooses with the next train back on my layout . .. . . . . . . ..
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    I use adobe photoshop CS5, I am able to upgrade to the latest version for about $200.00, but If you do not own the software your first time purchase is about $500.00. There is nothing better to work on photos with, it has resurrected many photos in my collection.
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    Thanks for posting these. This is the era I'm modeling, so I love to see stuff like this. Please post more if you can!

    The SCL units most definitely made it past Springfield, at least in the late 60's-early 70's. I have slides (somewhere) of SLSF and SCL units on the UP in Wyoming. I'll try to dig the slides out in the near future, get them scanned and post them on here.


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