Passenger Extra April 13, 1964

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    On April 13, 1964, Frisco operated a passenger extra to/from Fort Smith. At least a couple of photos were taken of this special by Mike Condren. It had 4 units with 5205 in the lead, followed by the Frisco's steam generator car, an express box car, and a number of Pullman cars from MP, Milwaukee, L&N and perhaps others. Does anyone have any photo coverage of this train, or perhaps the train consist? In that era, the special was most likely a troop train to or from Fort Chaffee.

    Bill Pollard
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    I have not seen that picture. I would love to.

    Wow! An FA1 on the point by its lonesome with a multi-car psgr train tied to its tail! THAT didn't make good time up The Mountain! (IF it didn't have to double!) That FA unit would have been rated for only about 770 tons up The Mountain. Perhaps the other unit for the train was at the FS shop having an issue attended to?

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    Ah, I saw you also posted to the FB page "Arkansas RR History" and therein was the pic you reference:

    I also didn't catch the fact that you mentioned 4 units in your above post. Silly me.

    The above consist ought to have been good for about 3080 tons on the pull between Schaberg and Winslow.
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    How would 3080 tons equate in terms of number of Pullman lightweight sleepers? Surely someone, somewhere has (or had?) the full consist of this train, but even an approximation of the car count would be interesting.
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