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  2. Well I stand corrected, however all the overkill photo references were not really necessary, the first one was sufficient proof.

    Sorry everyone for the misinformation, please disregard my previous statement imparting that NEO S2 switchers did not have rectangles around the cab numbers, and that only the NEO S4 unit did so as to differentiate the only S4 from the S2s, either in NEO service or later Frisco lettering and renumbering as pointed out.

    I was given this verbal info concerning these switchers from an 85 year old gentleman who is and has has been a great friend for some time. He is also a modeler and retired railroad man. He is the one from which I acquired the NEO switch keys and some other NEO items. He had been affiliated with the NEO at one time so i took it for granted for it to be true and correct. No reason to doubt it. He doesnt seem to have any memory issues other than the fact it has been a long time for him since his time with the NEO and in his mind it could be and was what he recollected in reviewing the photos and items after all these many years. The photos he has were not good quality b&w and were taken in or about 1960 or 1961 by a friend of his with the friends camera, of which as he stated, quote unquote, must have been the crappiest camera that existed at that time, but as he did not own a camera at that time it was the only one available to obtain photos.

    While i could see the faint outline of the rectangle on #706. (photos of the 706 were somewhat better of all the shots and probably so as he liked the S4 over the S2s and is/was his favorite NEO locomotive) but no rectangles were discernable on the S2 shots which were farther away than the S4 shots and really grainy and poor in quality and detail that can be seen. He stated there werent any on those, refering to the S2s as i made mention that the S4 seemed to be the only one that had a rectangle around the cab number. When viewing his photos it really appeared as if none of the S2s had rectangles around cab numbers. I take notes about units as i like to do when people can provide first hand info about long gone units they had hands on with. In my mind I thought at that point that perhaps it was something quirky that the NEO, and some other roads sometimes did with units, to distinguish and help easily identify the S4 from the S2 visually, other than the apparent differences such as trucks or whatever the case, if not known by one viewing or for whatever reason or rationale.

    And thru short sightedness on my part i did not view the pictures in the postings at the beginning of this thread.

    So my mistake and my sincere apologies to all. Thank you.
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  3. For general info for anyone interested I have posted pics in media section of the covers of:

    1) like new Feb 15, 1954 NEO general rule book

    2) companion to 1 above, NEO Special Instructions No. 2 book of same date.

    3) NEO April 20, 1953 Radio General and Operating Rule book.

    I have recently been given charge of and have in my possession a few of each of these books from a kindly old friend who didnt want them lost to oblivion upon his passing that due to someone thinking they are not anything important and/or accidentally getting trashed as such.

    I posted pics of those 3 NEO items mentioned above. As I am an Oklahoman and reside in Oklahoma I have an interest in the former NEO RR and value such items as these.

    My friend and his father were the only railroaders in his family and the others in his family do not have any general or special interest in the railroad world what so ever.

    As he feels may be nearer to passing as he is in his 85th year of life and has had more health issues as of recent he has decided, with his family members concurrence, to pass these and some other items onto me for safekeeping/disposition per my discretion until such time as eventually necessary for me to pass on to another individual to take care of unless items have been been reallocated or dispensed with by such time.
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