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    Hi, back on the site after many years!

    I started with the Frisco on July 17, 1978 at the Greenville, S.C. offline Sales Office as Clerk-Steno. I retired from BNSF in February 2012, after 33+ years of service. It was a good career and the Railroad helped my support my family through moves from Greenville, SC (Frisco) -> Charlotte, NC (Frisco-BN) -> Chicago/Napierville, IL (BN) -> Fort Worth, TX (BN-BNSF). Just before the merger, I was given the opportunity to tour the Lindenwood Yard, Tennessee Yard, and the East Thomas Birmingham Yards. Working offline, I was thrilled to finally get on our property, and being a railfan and model railroader - well you can just imagine my excitement!

    I modeled in N Scale for about 50 years, collecting both GM&O and Frisco equipment. But in 2019 I decided that I had too much stuff and sold it all - equipment, buildings, track...everything! I didn't have the space for a layout. But in May 2019, I bought into Z Scale, and built a small layout.

    Recently, I built a new 2'x4' layout that sits right under the gift I received at my retirement (Yup - "Frisco Fast Freight" print by Winfield!). I had started my first layout using Santa Fe equipment, but after AZL came out with their Frisco GP38-2...well, I couldn't resist, so now my plan is to GO FRISCO!

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    Welcome back Jim.

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