New "Frisco" Freight Cars

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    From the current Brass Switchkey News:


    <>[FREIGHT CARS] ~ For those that do not know yet, BNSF is painting a few covered grain hopper cars into a light gray paint scheme with heritage logos from BNSF predecessor roads. There are to be 3 each lettered for, Santa Fe; Frisco; Burlington Northern, Great Northern; Northern Pacific; Spokane, Portland & Seattle; Chicago, Burlington & Quincy; Fort Worth & Denver; & Colorado & Southern. The cars are being painted at the Havelock Car shops in Lincoln, NE. On Oct 28th, 5 of these cars were seen in Hutchinson, KS. They were the 3 SLSF cars numbered 480539, 483110, & 486742 along with GN cars 477433 & 489368. On Nov 2nd, BNSF 477432 was seen in Guthrie, OK and it is also painted in the GN scheme. It appears there is no specific number series for these cars. They appear to be cars selected at random and maybe those that need to be painted when they arrive at the shops. As of early November, these are the only cars that I know of and all are in surplus storage in these respective yards. Supposedly, BNSF is doing this to protect the trademarks of the logos on these predecessor roads.
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