Mystery Pensacola railroad pier

Discussion in 'General' started by patrick flory, Jun 2, 2019.

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    In the archives is a 1930s Frisco employee magazine whose cover is an aerial view of the new causeway
    Bridge over Pensacola bay. I tried to copy it but don’t have the skills.

    To the right is a wood pile trestle out into the bay that appeared to be to dump hopper car loads into barges. It was still there in the mid 70s, I saw it often, but today only the two quite high elevated concrete pylons at the end that held the dumping structure remain.

    What’s the story with that? Was it a Frisco operation? Or was it associated with the L&N, Pensacola’s other railroad?
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    Mystery solved. It was an L&N coal loader for barges. Sidebar-it was switched by L&N’s last woodburner, a 2-6-0.
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