Mingo Junction, MO

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    This is the cypress log depot at Mingo Junction just south and west of Puxico, MO. This is where the line split to Poplar Bluff and Williamsville.

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    :) Neat Station - This would be a great one to model for G gauge.
  3. I think there was an article on modeling this station in MR or RMC. Dont remember the year.
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    :) Great - I try to find it as well.
  5. FriscoFriend (Bob Hoover RIP 4/12/2018)

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    I believe this was the same depot that Ron Williams modeled years ago and loaned to me to take photos of it with the Beaumont Water Tank in the background. It was indeed the subject of an article in either Model Railroder or RMC but I can't remember which. Maybe Ron can chime in here and even post the photographs and a link to the article.

    Bob Hoover
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    The article was in Model Railroader magazine. October 1980 page 102. I looked it up on the magazine index feature on the model railroader website.
  7. Model Railroader kept Bob Hoover's photos of the model but you can see photos of the Mingo depot at this website http://chaffeemissouri.com/.

    It is an excellent resource.

    Ron Williams MMR
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    Ron Williams thank you for posting a great link!

    Timothy Cannon and Doug Sanders, great site, packed with information on the River Division in Southeast Missouri and Northeast Arkansas. You need your own thread(s) on this site. Keep up the great work! We are all interested is seeing this information fill out and develop further.

    Keith Robinson, have you seen the photos on the site Ron posted for Cape Girardeau? You need to incorporate a model of the freight house on your new layout design. With the "Frisco Freight Depot" lettering and "Frisco Lines" herald painted on the brick it would be a real signature structure on your riverfront to help set the scene.

    It is truly amazing the wealth of information and skill sets that are involved with this terrific group of people. Is this a great group or what?

    Many thanks to all!

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