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  1. Larry F.

    Larry F. Member

    FYI: Doc's Caboose (as of today the 18th) in K.C. has a few copies if the TRRA issue devoted to the Meteor if you're interested. It is a very well done issue. Larry F.
  2. TAG1014 (Tom Galbraith RIP 7/15/2020)

    TAG1014 (Tom Galbraith RIP 7/15/2020) Passed Away July 15, 2020 Supporter

    I second Larry's post, the TRRA Meteor "book-a-zine" is indeed well done. Get A copy while you still can! Also if you can still manage to scrounge a copy of the TRRA's Texas Special issue, grab it too! Both those issues are LOADED with photos, diagrams and info!

    Tom G.
  3. FriscoCharlie

    FriscoCharlie Administrator Staff Member Administrator Supporter

    I ordered one and when it arrived, my wife wrapped it up and put it under the tree. Kind of gives new meaning to, "buying your own presents."
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  4. Larry F.

    Larry F. Member

    Wow, Charlie! What a woman to get you exactly what you wanted for Christmas. We should all be that lucky!
  5. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    That's the trouble of it, my wife wraps up anything I get for my layout and I don't get it until Christmas,
  6. klrwhizkid

    klrwhizkid Administrator Staff Member Administrator Supporter

    I'm in the same boat if I ship anything to the house. If she sees my name on it she will ask if I am expecting something for a decoder installation. Otherwise things received between Thanksgiving and Christmas get wrapped. I just lost a group of sample trees that arrived today.
  7. meteor910

    meteor910 2009 Engineer of the Year Staff Member Supporter

    Regarding the TRRA H&TS Meteor issue, order one now if you want one. Larry printed 1200 copies, the same number as he printed for the Texas Special issue a few years ago. The "TS" issue sold very well and was out of stock relatively quickly. The Meteor issue will do the same, so don't wait too long.

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  8. tmfrisco

    tmfrisco Member Supporter

    My Meteor copy is also under the tree. Makes me feel better to know that I am not alone in the "buy myself my own Christmas presents". My Athearn genesis GP40 is also under the tree. I did get to see the engine before it went down under, but the book is still in its shipping wrap.

  9. TAG1014 (Tom Galbraith RIP 7/15/2020)

    TAG1014 (Tom Galbraith RIP 7/15/2020) Passed Away July 15, 2020 Supporter

    Don't delay in ordering your TRRA Meteor issue book-a-zine! It's as good as it gets when it comes to Frisco information! Supp!ies won't last long!

    Tom G.
  10. w3hodoug (Doug Hughes RIP 03/24/2021)

    w3hodoug (Doug Hughes RIP 03/24/2021) 2008 Engineer of the Year Supporter

    Nice book, but author Larry Thomas should have saved a lot of unrelated material for his LARGE DEPARTMENT STORES book. It must be another of his hobbies.
  11. pbender

    pbender Member Supporter

    I finally finished reading through my copy of this.

    What I found most interesting was a detail in the description of the terminals at St. Louis, Tulsa, and OKC. I never realized just how short the passenger platforms actually were. The longest ones were only about 1500 feet, which is less than 10 real feet when you model in N-scale.


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