Memphis Terminal Stations and Mile Posts

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    Memphis Terminal-
    Memphis to Capleville, TN.-

    M.P.- Station--- Blt.-- P.C.
    483.9 Memphis-- 1886 M&SERR
    486.8 Shelco--- 1886 "
    489.5 Yale----- 1886 "
    489.? Bellevue- 1886 "
    492.? Oakville-- 1886 "
    492.7 Forsythe- 1886 "
    496.9 Capleville 1886 M&SERR

    Predecessor Company-
    1) M&SERR-Memphis & Southeastern RR

    1) Connects with Memphis Sub, Northern Division at Memphis.
    2) Connects with Tupelo Sub, Southern Division at Capleville.
    3) On 2/1/1952 Frisco directors were authorized to enlarge, rearrange and relocate the present yard and mechanical facilitlies at Yale including the construction of a new terminal superintendent & yard office and the installation of communication and flood lighting systems.
    4) Shelby main placed in service 5/12/98. Signalled main line through Tennessee Yard at Capleville to allow through trains to bypass yard at 40MPH instead of restricted speed.
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    Two articles in the October 1911 Frisco Man magazine discuss what appears to be installations at a "new" Bellevue yard, presumably what later became known as Yale yard in Memphis. Can anyone confirm that Bellevue and Yale yards are the same, and if so, when the name change took place?

    Bill Pollard

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    Neat stuff, Bill. I like the contributions and information you've provided on Memphis for Dr. Condren's site, by the way.

    This is the first time I can ever recall hearing of a Bellevue Yard. The roundhouse sure looks smaller than the Yale roundhouse I've seen, but I reckon this could be a precursor. Neither here nor there, but it looks like the turntable is of the "Armstrong" variety?

    Outside of the Frisco group, I would think/hope that later issues of The Frisco Man or The Frisco Employee's Magazine might provide some clarity.

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