Locomotives waiting for repair...

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    Hello All -

    Any details on these derailments? I know that this wasn't from one accident, but a siding in Springfield Yard where locomotives in need of repair are staged.

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    SM 948 SLD30510.jpg SM 948 SLD30512.jpg SM 948 SLD30507.jpg SM 703 948 SLD30506.jpg SM 703 SLD30521.jpg SM 811 SLD30522.jpg SM 811 SLD30513.jpg SM 811 SLD30511.jpg SM 279 SLD30515.jpg SM 279 SLD30517.jpg . Discovered these while digging through some of my father's old photos. I remember him taking these photos.

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    Ouch. Some of those looked ominous. Hope the crews survived.

    Thanks for posting.
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    Those are some REALLY interesting photos! Certainly not something you see every day.
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  5. :eek:


    :sick: At least these were saved.
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    It amazes me what the shops are are to repair and send back out into service. Would be interesting to know what happened to this group and when. There's an archive photo of GP35 703 wearing O&W with nose strips dated Feb 1973. Based on weathering, I would guess the paint is 6-12 months old. http://frisco.org/mainline/wp-conte...bruary-3-1972-Conniff-Railroad-Collection.jpg

    What surprises me is the fact that 948 retained its L shaped window and 811 retained its 1 piece middle window after repairs.

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