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    Were the Frisco GP-35's the last delivered in black and yellow? Or the lo-nose U-25B's?

    Thanks, Tom G.
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    According to Lou Marre's Frisco Diesel Power, the 1964 order for GP35s included the last of that model to be delivered in black and yellow. The final unit from that order, #716, arrived on the property on April 25, 1964. The next batch, beginning with unit #718, arrived on April 28, 1965. The first U25B to appear in orange and white was, in fact, a repaint of high-nosed unit #802, which received its respray on February 14, 1965. The next new U25B to be delivered, #816, arrived on March 12, 1965, presumably in orange and white.


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  3. klrwhizkid

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    The last B/Y U25B to arrive to the SLSF, #815 formerly GE demonstrator #53, arrived in 4/1962.
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    816 was delivered in O&W, there is a picture of it at the builder in the Archive.


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