KCFS&M Ten-Wheeler #102 - August, 1894

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    Folks -
    With the ToC locomotives Andre's been posting recently, I couldn't help but snag this one from the September, 1931 Frisco Employee's Magazine. The caption is included.

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    Great pic! Thanks for sharing!

    Question arises: Where is Mansfield, MO? Is it on the original KC FtS & M line?

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    Mansfield is east of Springfield, so yes it would be part of the KCFS&G system, specifically the section that ran between Springfield and Memphis.

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    A couple of interesting notes. First, the hyphens in the lettering on the tender. I guess I never noticed that on Memphis Route engines before. Secondly, Mansfield, MO. Home of Laura Ingalls Wilder who wrote about her childhood experiences in a book series called "Little House on the Prairie".

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    Look closely: All painted lettering on the engine (except the headlamp number plate) has been retouched by the photographer. As stated in a previous thread, often times certain colors did not "burn" the emulsifiers adequately enough for the actual letters to show, thus the hand lettered attempt on the negative prior to printing. Therefore, the hyphen MAY have been added by the photographer. Granted, he MAY have been duplicating what was actually there... or maybe not.

    During my years of research into various early era railroads, I have seen scores of prints depicting engines with photograher's hand lettering on them. Yet another reason I've learned over the decades that researching this era is a significant challenge.

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    My wife and I have visited the Wilder home and museum twice (my wife is a true Little House on the Prarie fan) and Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote about going to Cabool to meet friends at the depot. We sure have some odd town names in this region: Arab, Cabool, Zalma, and so on.

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