Kansas City Terminal Improvements 1952

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    Kansas City Terminal Improvements 1952-

    Discussed at the 2/1/1952 board meeting, the Chairman stated that the President recommends that the terminal facilities at Kansas City be revised and rehabilitated. The President stated that the office building, shop buildings and freight house were constructed at or about 1870 and were obsolete before the flood occurred in July 1951; during the flood, the entire train yard, car repair tracks, coach tracks, mechanical buildings, office buildings, storeroom and freight house were inundated to a depth of about 18-feet, aggravating the already inadequate and dilapidated condition of the facilities. He further stated that the facilities were restored for temporary use only and that plans have been formulated for revision and rehabilitation of the facilities to provide for 3 recieving tracks from 83-93 car lengths; to rearrange the switching leads; to provide a 4-stall inspection and repair house in the present machine shop for light repairs to yard engines; to discontinue the car repair tracks at 19th St. and to consolidate them with the Rosedale facility; to provide additional trackage, including 3 departure tracks at Rosedale; to retire the present office building at 19th St. and construct a new building at Rosedale to house the Superintendent, Master Mechanic & yard office, and to strengthen the walls, redesign the roof on the office portion of the freight house and modernize its interior and rebuild a portion of the freight handling dock. The President further stated that the final plans had not been completed but that the cost outlined above is estimated at $900,000.
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