Kansas City-Florida Special 105/106

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  1. kenmc

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    Here are photos of train 106 preparing to depart Birmingham Terminal Station in 1950, with NW2 #256 attending to the switching chores after the train arrived from Atlanta on the Southern Ry.


    Ken McElreath

    Breher Layout Photos 2002 044.jpg Ken3.jpg Ken2.jpg Ken1.jpg
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    That looks pretty good. Whose layout, do you know (or was it yours)?

  3. kenmc

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    The layout was my previous "Birmingham Terminal Division" setting, and the models are mine. The NW2 is a customized Athearn SW7. The station was a photo enlargement mounted on masonite, with some 3D details for depth.

    Thank you very much.

    Ken McElreath
  4. Great work Ken
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  5. Gorgeous models, Ken. I love the effort you placed into replicating the terminal environment. It makes your models look all the more realistic.
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