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    Hey, everyone. I'm doing self-directed research on railroads that paralleled Route 66, including the Frisco between Saint Louis & Joplin. I've been to Joplin three times and have made good pix of the Frisco building on Main Street. I was rather surprised to discover a photo of an alleged SECOND Frisco depot in Joplin, as indicated above by the PDF filenames MO.Joplin.pdf and MO.Joplin2.pdf. Does anyone know where this depot was located? What was this depot called? Was it a commuter depot? Street address or intersection? Is the building perchance still standing? And what is the large IGA warehouse in the background with the Milwaukee Road logo in the lower right? Thanks

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    Re: Missouri Depot Floor Plans

    Not really an answer to the question, but I believe that the neon sign found a home in Lee Chronister's back yard in Chaffee, MO from the late 1970s up until approximately 1995 or 1996 when they had his estate sale. The section below the coonskin, as I recall, said "FREIGHT - PASSENGER." Tim Cannon might be able to confirm/deny that this is the same sign?

    I'd guess that this may have been a freight house, judging by the left side of the photo? But, I'll defer to others more knowledeable.

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    Do a Google street view of 1027 S Main St, Joplin, MO. The large building in the background is the old Interstate Grocery Association building. The site for the Frisco Depot looks like it's a parking lot now, but one block west is a clean Santa Fe caboose all by it's lonesome. I would bet that the Milwaukee Road logo is on the side of a boxcar.
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    Chris is correct. This is the Frisco's, Joplin freight house, and it was located south of the Joplin passenger depot. The structure was 340'-4" x 40'-5". There was a shed platform on the east end that was 1201'-0 x 22'-5". The two-story office section was 39'-6" x 40'-5".

    The Frisco web site has a bug the precludes me from posting the B&B diagram, and the Joplin track arrangement.

    Darren is correct with the location and the MILW Road Boxcar that is spotted by the warehouse.
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    The Frisco freight depot office! Yes, of course, now it makes sense. Now I see things in the picture that I missed before and that's why the PDF floor plans don't match the appearance of the building: they belong to a different structure! That other website lied to me! Thanks to everyone for helping me clarify this. Just one more trivia question for Darren: Isn't the location of the Santa Fe caboose the former location of the MoPac passenger depot? -- the building that was moved to Rangeline Road to become the Timberline steakhouse and now the Pacific Rim Asian Fusion joint?
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    If you link to the Springfield MO public library website: and click on the photo for identifier p01171, you get the picture that I posted above. Associated with this image is a PDF file that you view by clicking the link "View Floor Plan." The PDF file, 2 pages, contains the floorplans MO.Joplin.pdf and MO.Joplin2.pdf as posted in this (Frisco) thread. To my seeing, the floorplans belong to Frisco passenger station downtown, while the picture is of the freight station further south. I wrote to the librarian in Springfield, asking if he was SURE that this is correct. I stated my reasons why I thought there had been a mix-up. He insists that the picture is the passenger depot and that the floorplans belong to the building as show. Go figure.
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    In the Springfield-Greene Cnty Digital collection, there are numerous errors. Like you, I have have sent my corrections, but they have have gone unheeded.
  8. Where the Santa Fe Caboose sits is where the Mopac depot was. Also a couple blocks down the line is the Mopac roundhouse. It is now used as a private business though.
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    Those are some serious dimensions, in the heyday of LCL shipments!

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    I did a double take when I saw the platform dimensions. That is a lot of real estate.
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    I have seen two conflicting dates as to when Frisco passenger service ended in Joplin.I have read two articles concerning the history of the Joplin Frisco passenger station that state that passenger service ended there in 1955.I have read from other sources on the internet that the last Frisco passenger train left Joplin in Oct.1960.Does anyone out there have any knowledge of this ?
  12. tomd6 (Tom Duggan RIP 2/11/2018)

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    Mike Condren's web site list the last Joplin passenger service as October 15, 1960.
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  14. slsfrr (Jerome Lutzenberger RIP 9/1/2018)

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    The Frisco freight house doubled as a passenger station several years before passenger service in Joplin ended. There was even a Pullman car set out on the west bound trip and picked up on the east bound trip (passenger train from Springfield to Wichita) which I believe was pulled off 1960. That could be the reason for some of the confusion. Jerome-OKC
  15. fdegraff

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    I suspected that may had been the case.Thanks for confirming it.
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    On July 2nd of 1960, The Kansas Supreme court allowed Frisco to stop service of it trains from Monett to Wichita. On September 30th, the announcement was made that the last run would be October 12th of 1960. Eastbound #310 and Westbound #309. They consisted of a locomotive, a baggage car, a combination mail and baggage and a 60 seat air-conditioned chair car. On Wednesday, October 12th, it was reported that the last run would be Saturday, which would have been the 15th. The source of these reports was the Wichita Eagle daily paper.

    Tony LaLumia
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    A couple of things, because I was there. Somebody mentioned the Interstate Grocer's Association....actually it's the INDEPENDENT GROCERS ASSOCIATION. My grandfather, a Joplin grocer for 50 years, was a member and an officer at one time. Secondly, the Frisco Building housed other businesses. One I remember vividly was the FRISCO PHARMACY. All my grandfathers scripts came from there and I used to ride down in the mornings with him when he picked them up. I still have a number of empty prescription bottles of his because of the name. Third, sadly, the train came off almost at the same time we had his funeral in the fall of 1960. The era of my youth in Joplin was over.

  18. tomd6 (Tom Duggan RIP 2/11/2018)

    tomd6 (Tom Duggan RIP 2/11/2018) Passed Away February 11, 2018

    The Frisco Joplin depot was also home to doctors and dentists for many years according to a local railroad history expert.
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    Frisco Passenger Traffic Department Bulletin 2315 advises that trains 309 and 310 would be discontinued effective October 16, 1960. Last runs operated from both Monett and Wichita on Saturday October 15, 1960.
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    If you study a timetable from that era, you will see that the westbound train (309) came from Monett to Wichita, then it was turned and returned to Monett, actually Springfield. Usually about a 2:30 arrival and a 4:30 departure.

    Tony L.

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