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    The MPHS annual convention will be held in Ft. Smith, AR from October 10 - 13, 2019. Considering the facts that our 2014 convention in Joplin was well received and that Ft. Smith was served by the Frisco and MP, the MPHS would like for all Frisco enthusiasts to join with us for a joint meet. Presentations will be evenly divided between both roads. Other activities include a tour of the Ft. Smith Trolley Museum and a ride on the Arkansas & Missouri Railroad excursion train from Ft. Smith to Winslow and return. This is an old Frisco route and should be an enjoyable ride for everyone. There are other activities scheduled. For complete information, go to this URL - Some details have just been finalized and a detailed schedule with links to sign up for the train ride will be posted very soon. Links for general registration and for making hotel reservations are posted, now.

    We hope to see you there.

    Kevin Love, President
    Missouri Pacific Historical Society
  2. When ya all take that convention A&M excursion the scenery is well spent time to see.
    To get to Fort Smith from the north, take a slower route through high elevations
    and see views like the one attached.

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    We are finalizing the schedule and we have about four presentation slots still open. Contact me as soon as possible if you are interested in making a presentation. You can message me here or send an email to

    Full details for this event can be found here:

    On a slightly different note, we have had to make a change concerning the A&M train trip. A&M will not be able to pick us up at Ft. Smith as originally planned. We will have to board at Van Buren. Parking in Van Buren will be extremely limited in the depot area and we are making arrangements for bus transportation. Unfortunately, there will be an additional cost for this amenity. Additional details will be posted just as soon as they are available.

    This will be a good meeting. Make plans to attend.
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    I really hate that the 2nd Weekend in Oct is spoken for. I would dearly love to make this convention.
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    I'm hoping to attend, however I will only be interested in the meet itself to see old friends and the clinics. I will not be taking part in the Trolley Museum or the A&M ride. Been there, done that... got paid for it on the A&M. The "all or nothing" registration fee is a bit of a detriment, but I still am seriously considering going.

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    Tell your wife the meet is more important than y'alls anniversary, or her birthday, whatever. It'll be fine.


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    Cynthia and I plan on going to the convention and will go on the train ride. Looking forward to seeing the area that I am modelling. We were in the area several years ago following the line from Fayetteville to Pettigrew but we didn't ride the train. Would like to explore the area more after the convention and take a lot of photos.

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    If only it were that simple: I'm committed to a singing gig that weekend. My wife would not only understand, she'd want to come along. (She is the owner of the NG portion of our home layout.) We'd love to do the A&M trip.
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    What you'll see on the Van Buren to Winslow trip is going to make the territory of the old abandoned line to Pettigrew look flat. It's a very worthwhile ride, and though I never got tired of the scenes when running passenger trains/frieight trains/work trains up and down it the line, I'm just too tight to spend the money to ride the train now!


    Singing, eh? You doing the singing or playing an instrument for the singer? (I'm a performing bassist.)

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    Joe and others:

    Some northbound pics along the line that you'll be riding:

    A pretty valley scene...


    Near Lancaster...


    Bridge No. 3:


    Bridge No. 2...

    Picture2 043.jpg
    Bridge No. 1...

    Picture2 044.jpg

    The south portal of the Tunnel...

    Picture2 048.jpg

    Just exited the north portal of the Tunnel and now coming into Winslow...

    Picture2 049.jpg

    Like I said: Great ride. You and your wife will enjoy it.

    Note: Sit on the right hand side going north and you'll get the best views of the hollows when going over the big bridges. Up at Winslow you can then switch over to the right side heading south and see the views on that side.


  11. Very cool shots Andre!
  12. palallin

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    Voice: I haven't the co-ordination necessary to play anything more complicated than my vocal cords :whistle:
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    Thank you Andre for the photos. I will keep your tips on my mind. Oh, that's a scary thought. LOL

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    Those bridges are on a steep grade toward Chester. Hard to see the grade on a photo. I went down their with several cranes and trains. It's worth the trip if you have not seen it. Little early for the tree's to change but fall is a great time to go through their.
  15. Coonskin

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    Yup, when you're working that grade, it can DEFINITELY be seen from the cab. Of course, that really doesn't come through in a photo.

    The steepest portion is 2.69%, the rest of it 2.3% - 2.5% or so. Except for a few very short and shallow sags, the line is essentially uphill from the river at Van Buren to the summit at Winslow. When I was nothing more than an overgrown kid, the old heads used to tell me that if you did it just right, coming off that grade, you wouldn't have to work power from the summit almost to Van Buren. I was never able to, but that's what they said.

    The grade starts steepening just past Chester (Chester is at MP 386.1), and gets serious before Schaberg (MP 381.0), and is ridiculous from there to the summit inside the Tunnel at Winslow, right at MP 375. That's 11 miles of serious grade, with the last 6 miles being a killer. I have gone up that mountain wide open at less than 10 MPH, all units roaring... and it took some 45 minutes to get from Schaberg to Winslow. I've also run MU consists as helpers shoving on the rear, as well as doubled it many times. Quite a little hill.

    Man, I sure miss that part of railroading. Loved mountain railroading.

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    I was going to go to this when another trip in the other direction that weekend was announced by the Dear Lady.
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    Patrick!!! Tell her you're going!!

    After all, are we not MEN???


    I share this with all of us MEN as exhortational material...


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    Haha, it don’t work like that. Wish it did. The pressures are “subtle” but very “real.” October seems to be the month when “everything” happens.
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    That video, man , wish I could find the emoticons available.
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