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    This incident occurred south of La Cygne, KS during the summer of 73. The loaded bulkhead flat experienced a hotbox, which caused this minor derailment. The failed journal can be seen lying on the ground.

    A new wheel-set was dispatched via truck to the scene. The carmen jacked-up the car much like one would an automobile with a flat tire. Once clear of the car, truck was pulled from under the car to an A-frame, which allowed the truck frame to be lifted. The offending wheel-set was removed, and replaced with the new set. New journal brass was put into the journal box, and the truck was lowered onto the new wheel-set. The bearing was re-packed, and the process was reversed.

    DSC_5634.jpg DSC_5635.jpg DSC_5637.jpg
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    Wow, Karl, that could have been a major derailment if the speed had been very high. Great sequence of operation and explanation as to the procedure the car men were following to repair the car on the main.

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    Great shots! Good to see " meat & taters" railroading!!
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    Karl, nice photos, the 5635, I remember the guy in the checked shirt, can't recall his name. I am thinking he was a supervisor for a while up in the Ft. Scott area. I worked a dozer up their for quite a while, 75, 76 time period. Bob, Wagner was a roadmaster up their for a while. Post some more like this, I like these.
    Oh by the way, if some of you guys look through the foot step, you will see the rounded part of the axle, burned off, looks like a bullet.

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