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Discussion in 'Swap Meet' started by Larry Parrish, Aug 2, 2010.

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    My best friend and esteemed colleague, Terry Murray, died last August. Terry was an ardent railfan and modeler, with a special enthusiasm for the Frisco. It was he, not Alan Schmitt, who republished Frisco Folks at his own expense. William Bain was a friend and former teacher of his.

    Earlier this summer, Richard Napper and I spent two days and an evening in Wichita, KS, cataloging and packing Terry's HO locomotives and rolling stock for sale on behalf of Terry's widow. The majority of these items are Frisco. I will be bringing these items to sell at the Turkey Creek NMRA Division Show at Lenexa, KS this August 7. I thought those of you who live in the Kansas City area, or are in easy driving distance of it, would like to know. I will bring whatever left over Frisco pieces I have to sell to the Frisco Convention. I also have Terry's remaining inventory of Frisco Folks. I will bring copies to both places.

    You can Google "Turkey Creek 2010 Division" for details about the Lenexa Show.

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