High Iron Rare Mileage Special

Discussion in 'General' started by dwoomer, May 31, 2015.

  1. dwoomer

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    Caught the High Iron Rare Mileage special at 0830 this morning northbound on the Fort Scott sub at the FR124 crossing in Elwood close to my home. Didn't even try for a photo - weather very grey, rainy, headlight blinding through mist. Nice Amtrak P42 on the point (don't see them around here, but too bad not a Frisco E8), eight or nine private cars, Caritas holding the markers. Very nice train, too bad I'm a poor boy and can't afford to ride that kind of stuff.... Anyone catch the special in better weather and get a good shot?
  2. gstout

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    Here are a couple of photos that were sent to me by a friend who was along for the ride. One, obviously, was at Cape Girardeau. Not sure about the other.


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  3. klrwhizkid

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    The second looks like it could be just north of the diamond at Rock View, just north of Chaffee.
  4. dwoomer

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    Thanks, Greg and Keith!
  5. Frisco1515

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    Hi dwoomer, Just where is this Elwood and in what state? I couldn't find it on any map. Thanks!
  6. Karl

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    Elwood is on the
    Ash Grove Sub...C194.5....between Nichols and Bois D'arc
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  7. WindsorSpring

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    It was a big kick to see it in Lindenwood on Friday around 9:15 AM moving past the office on the west end. At that time, I could not tell whether it was headed west or down the River Sub.
  8. dwoomer

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    Yes, Elwood is just north (geographically west) of Nichols Jct. Location of 9000+ foot passing track. I live just geographically south of the tracks, can watch trains from my back deck except in spring and early summer when the foliage is too thick!

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