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    Hey guys. My name is Ian and I just recently re-discovered this forum. Kind of funny, really. I found this site by Googling to see if Frisco had a historical society. I went to join, and imagine my surprise when the website told me my email address was already in use! Apparently I joined 9 years ago, but completely forgot all about this website in the time since. I guess I must have joined looking for information about the MoPac's White River sub while researching my last layout.

    Anyway, fast forward 9 years to today, and I am now interested more in the Apple industry of the early 1900's. The N scale layout I am currently planning will use apple shipping, apple evaporating, and vinegar as the main theme, along with the various infrastructure of fruit and its byproducts. I've never really seen a layout of that theme before, but I'm sure it's far from an original idea.

    Anyway a bit more about me, I have been an N scaler since the late 80's, off and on. This will be my 5th layout and my second big one. Going at it smarter this time, I've decided to build this layout in small sections to a high degree of completion before moving on to the next section. I found with my last layout that a room full of bare track sitting on wood roadbed doesn't inspire anyone's imagination.

    I also do a bit of 1:1n3 railroading, as I make my living working in the roundhouse of the D&S.

    Anyway, I'm glad to have re-discovered this resource, I've already learned quite a bit in the week or so I've been back.
  2. Iantha_Branch

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    Welcome (back) aboard.

    I've never heard if such a layout centered around Apples, sounds like an interesting concept though.

    The one time I've been out to the D&S was a great time, I hope to make it back out there some day.
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  3. Jim James

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    Welcome aboard! Or welcome back. I’m sure you’ve seen many great improvements in N scale since the 80’s cookie cutter days.
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  4. Joe Lovett

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    Welcome Back Ian.
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  5. gjslsffan

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    Hi and welcome back from Grand Junction.
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  6. meteor910

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    Ian - Welcome aboard frisco.org, again!
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  7. yardmaster

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    Welcome back Ian. I remember MR magazine having a good article some years back on modeling the shipment of apples. It was pretty operationally focused. I’ll have to see if I can find it.
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  8. ranulf

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    Yardmaster, thanks! I would really appreciate that.

    I've been researching the industry for the last year or so, nose deep in Google books, web searching every new term I come across to find more information. I have a pretty good handle on the industry now, but more research on the actual logistics is definitely needed.

    For example, I've learned Arkansas evaporated apples were heavily exported to Europe, but no idea what ports they would have shipped from. And looking at old Sanborn maps makes for an interesting problem... I haven't found a rail-served evaporator yet! Even the Kimmons-Walker evaporator in Springdale (the largest evaporator in Arkansas and one of the largest in the country) didn't have a rail spur! Assumedly product was moved by wagon to cars on the team track.

    In fact, from what I've seen on Sanborn maps, I've noticed that a LOT of industries at the turn of the century weren't necessarily anywhere near the tracks. Makes for a simple layout, with only a spur or siding at each town, but maybe not very interesting switching?

    I may employ rule #1 and add spurs to each industry.

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