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  1. I am looking for photos of GP 7 #586 in the black and yellow scheme. Any help would really be appreciated.
    My godfather/railroad mentor, Ben Ross worked on the engine for a time when it was assigned to Fayetteville. I've only seen one photo of it and it was taken in Fayetteville on South hill street when it and an auto decided to meet at the grade crossing (locomotive 1 /auto 0). This occured in the early to mid sixties.
    Thanks for any help.
    Phil Danner
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    There is a head on photo of 586 on page 59 of " Frisco Diesel Power" by Louis Marre and John Harper. Perhaps, either one of these gentlemen might have other photos of her as well.
    Springfield is my home town, with my McGilvry family having worked for the Frisco for over 100 years.
    Good luck,
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    According to Marre & Harper's Frisco Diesel Power, pg 63, SLSF 586 was built in October 1951, received by the Frisco 21 Oct 1951, serial number #13319. It was sold to Precision National 21 Jul 1976 and operated as PNC 586. It was sold again in August 1976 and repainted as C&NW 4369. Retired on August 27, 1988, traded in to Electro-Motive and scrapped by St Louis Auto Shredding Co.

    This photo is CNW 4369 incarnation.

    Another earlier photo, taken 11 Oct 1976, appears to have some remaining Frisco paint:

    (edited second photo url to show full size)
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    Shiloh Museum of Ozark History in Springdale has an image of a GP7 on Hill Street, Fayetteville.
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    The Frisco Archive has such a picture as well. I will try to schedule it soon.

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    #586 in fresh paint, Marre & Sommers "Frisco In Color" pg 72, Morning Sun Books, 1995.

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