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    Photos of gp-7 #600

    photos of gp-7 #600 is approx 2 miles east of beamont ks. photo of #590 is at west end of augusta ks. switching mobil refinery. was looking at this great site and knew locals. I am working with butler co. ks. to return part of this line to service am also frisco modeler. im interested in anything about the beamont branch most about winfeild @ arkcity ks.please contact me at this email adress or at 15522 sw150 rosehill ks 67133 or (316) 733-1947 I would really like to join this group and visit with other frisco folks thanks steve beaty
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    Steve, you wouldnt happen to have any pictures of the Augusta Refinery around the spurs would you? Im trying to figure out what they serviced and sent out on their tank cars and maybe some hoppers? I know they did Asphalt and maybe some crude, but dont know much else. What did the West side spur do? East Side? Any help would be sweet!

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    I havent heard from steve since this was posted, but perhaps I can help. I grew up around Augusta, and walked and rode the tracks whenever I could. I modeled the Wichita Sub for MSTS, so if you can get your hands on a copy, that might help a bit.


    That might help you a little more. I do remember that the cracker and processing structures were on the East side, which the east side spur served directly. And judging by the AT&SF offloading spurs, that would leave me to geuss that the west side spur was for offloading crude as well.
  4. When i lived in Andover an hiked the Rof W to Augusta the spurs of the Frisco served a warehouse and the coke plant in the refinery. There were many 2 bay (HM) hopper cars on the lead and the siding for loading petroleum coke. Most trains westboud through Andover had several HM's of coke in them (they could have been coal too i suppose) The tank car loading was on the Santa Fe and they had a switch engine assigned. Outbound cars of petroluem porducts for the Frisco were set to the interchange track near the tower. Most trains also had a number of 8-10,000 gallon tankcars in them. This line served Refineries at Neodesha, Augusta and Wichita (Derby) and the Beaumont sub served Arkansas City too. I lived in Andover from 1963 to 1967 and saw the trains almost every day.

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