GP 38 SLSF 633, Enid Negative Collection

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    I've taken another look at the June-July 1977 issue of all aboard and copied part of the cover description: "Deep in the heart of the beutiful Ozarks, Train OBX moves across Trace Creek alongside Cold Springs located some three miles south of Thayer, just across the Missouri-Arkansas line."

  2. bob_wintle

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    If anyone has anymore pictures of GP38 651 please post them. I am looking for photos of both sides and especially the trucks. Thanks in advance
    Bob Wintle
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    Bob -

    SLSF 651 was a hard one to catch apparently. I have some 8000+ pics of Frisco locomotives & rolling stock on file, and the Enid negative shot I posted of 651 is the best I have. I have one other 651, but it is a long distance head-on action shot and you can't see anything. I don't know whose pic it is or I'd post it.

    Along with the 651 "Enid" pic posting was a right-side shot of SLSF 649 and a left-side shot of SLSF 650. Those are likey very good indications of what 651 looked like on each side as they were all sisters delivered together late February/early March 1971. Of course, only 651 carried the nose coonskin herald, applied some time after its delivery.

    Will keep looking for the elusive SLSF 651! I wonder why it is so hard to find? - usually there are multiple pics of the very common Frisco "38's".

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    I googled it and found out that it was wrecked in 1974 and scrapped and according to the notes I saw, photos of it are quite rare. I am specifically looking for pictures of it so that I may determine if it had ever had any of it's journal boxes replaced. Seeing as how it was only on the railroad 3 years or so, it may have had it's original journal boxes. I am also looking to add details that it may have had. Thanks for the help.
    Bob Wintle
  5. meteor910

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    El Bob Oh -

    Yep, you are correct. Per Lou Marre's "FDP", SLSF 651 was wrecked, along with SLSF 506, on 9/1/74 (only three years old) at Mustang, OK. It was scrapped 10/8/74, so the damage must have been severe. GP7 SLSF 506 was also trashed.

    What would we do without "FDP"?

    Does anybody have anything describing that accident?

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    Here's another pic of Frisco GP7 SLSF 506. This is the unit also involved in the serious wreck in Mustang, OK with SLSF 651. Both units were totalled.

    The 506 pic is from my "Enid" negative collection.



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