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  1. jarnett

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    I am interested in obtaining information on the FTC, especially photos of the trucks and rtailers that the FRrisco used. I am told that Athearn or Walthers produced an HO model of the FTC trailers some time back.

    Eventually, I would like to create N Scale decals.


  2. yardmaster

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    Jim -
    The closest I can find on this site is some company photos of auto piggyback loading at the Chrysler Assembly plant in Fenton, MO in 1959:

    The FTC Logo is partially visible on the cab door of the truck.

    Good luck!
  3. frisco1522

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    I thought I just posted this, but now can't find it. Must have hit the wrong button.
    Here is a side view of a FTC trailer. Unfortunately the logo is on the front, but this at least gives all the other lettering locations and styles.
    I'd like to find a picture of a truck from the '30s-40s.

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  4. meteor910

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    The Walthers FTC trailer of about 7-8 years ago is a mediocre representation of the trailer in Don's photo above, but is about all we have from this era RTR. I have two of them.

    I was at Walthers in Milwaukee a year ago, and they still had a few if anyone is interested.

    They must have used this pic to do their art work, as the model has nothing on the front, or on the rear, of the trailer! The model is also a dual axle, while the trailer in the pic is a single axle, but I'd wager FTC had both.

    Meteor910 |-|
  5. jarnett

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    Thanks to all for your help. I sure would like to see some models or N scale decals. Anyone out there also interested in N sclae decals of FTC?


  6. pbender

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    I would be.

    BTW, there may be a couple of candidates for the trailer body in N-scale.

    Showcase Miniatures ( ) has a metal kit for a 1950's era 30' trailer that is really close. They appear only sell it with a Mack model B tractor at this point in time.

    Ultimate N-scale ( ) produces some early Intermodal cast resin kits, but I don't have any in my collection to compare to the trailers or photo's of trailers that I have seen

    (There are a few of these trailers still sitting around Springfield,MO. I think I've posted photos of the ones I have found elsewhere on the site).

    Nick Molo's book includes some pictures of the tractors. Going from memory, I believe they were White tractors. The only model of a White tractor in N-scale that I'm aware of is produced by Sylvan Scale Models ( )

  7. dricketts

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    Thanks for the great photo. Do you know an approximate year for it?
  8. TAG1014 (Tom Galbraith RIP 7/15/2020)

    TAG1014 (Tom Galbraith RIP 7/15/2020) Passed Away July 15, 2020 Supporter

    The "FTC" wing logo is what was on the doors of the older trailers discussed earlier.

    Tom G.
  9. dricketts

    dricketts Member Supporter

    Maybe I misunderstood his post with the photo. So the 30's - 40's? Maybe frisco1522 was referring to the cab/tractor when he said he would like to find a truck from the 30's - 40's.
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  11. Steve40cal

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  12. William Phipps

    William Phipps William phipps

    Jim, I have two or three photos of FTC trailers, Highway Post Offices' & busses. iIf I can find someone
    to show me how to send you a copy of what I have, will do that. I was not aware that a scale model ofThe FTC
    units had been made. Do you know when the truck line ceased operation & whether the FTC & the Burlington
    Truck Line were merged?
  13. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    William, I have seen you ask that before, and waited for a answer, but maybe their aren't that many on the site that knows. Shortly after the merger, with BN, the management at the time decided to completely rid itself of the truck line. It ceased to function early into 1980. The employees tried for merger protection, but they were in the Teamsters Union, which was not affiliated with rail protection. Several years later, the workers won the case, and it was settled for a unnamed amount, but no one got much out of the deal. BN had too much money to fight.
    The lines, I don't know the details, but most was absorbed into other lines.
    It was a frightening decision, because the truck line was fairly profitable.
    Source, my father in law, FTC claim's rep for 20+ years.
    William Jackson
    Lot's of changes, some of what made no sense to normal workers.
    Actually, the center of the big X, was no more, Car Shop, Wheel Shop, Production Shop, Power House, Diesel Shop and all traces of what was once the center of a community.
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  14. William Phipps

    William Phipps William phipps

    This looks like a city trailer which were mostly single axle & used to deliver Ltl, lol shipments within the
    city limits of the trailers domicile.
  15. William Phipps

    William Phipps William phipps

    You would win your wager. All over the road trailers were tandems. Most of the city trailers were smaller &
    were single axle. Those trailers were generally used to pick up LtL, LcL shipments in the city limits in which
    they were domiciled.
  16. William Phipps

    William Phipps William phipps

    Thanks Bill, I actually worked with your farther in law Larry, Jeff, Jefferies for several years both at the
    chase street terminal & General office which was located at 351 N. Main, at the East end of the Springfield
    depot & then on the third floor of the new Frisco Building on East Chestnut. Jeff got to dray at the terminal
    & I got to go to the other office sites, then into sales & then into terminal management.

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