Frisco SW7's, SLSF 301 and 304

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    OK, since you asked for more .....

    The Frisco had five EMD SW7's, SLSF 300-304. Like the earlier NW2's, none had m/u capability, so they usually worked alone.

    The pic of SLSF 301 is from the summer of 1979, but I'm not sure of the location. Probably around Lindenwood somewhere here in StL, or, possibly in Tulsa. I took a business trip to Tulsa back then, and snapped some Frisco pics there during free time.

    SLSF 304 is at Lindenwood in September, 1979. The pic was taken from the I-44 pedestrian bridge steps (I-44 is right behind us). Lindenwood had two or three of the five SW7's assigned to it.


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