Frisco Sunnyland on the River Division

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    Photographer Jim Boyd granted us a big favor in photographing the consist of the Sunnyland (two different trains) in September 1965. Photos may be copied for personal use but not for resale.

    The Sunnyland Southbound in St Louis just south of Southwest Junction.
    SLSF 2002 on the Sunnyland Sept 1965 - Boyd.JPG

    The Sunnyland in Crystal City looking west (northbound)
    SLSF Sunnyland Crystal City, Mo Sept 1965 - Boyd.JPG
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  2. yardmaster

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    Not much time left for Sunnyland. Anyone recognize the locations, especially the bottom one? I haven't a clue.
  3. Coonskin

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    Wonderful pictures. Thanks for posting them.

    Chris: The bottom picture is labeled as being in Crystal City, MO, 1965.

  4. kenmc

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    Wonderful photos. In the second one, you can see in the foreground the Mopac crossing to access the PP&G plant , along with the Frisco tracks to the same.

    The first photo is at a different location entirely, not around Crystal City.

    Ken McElreath
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  5. Jim James

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    Beautiful photos! Great color and clarity.
  6. gstout

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    The photo at Crystal City appeared in Burlington Northern and its Heritage, by Steve Glischinski (Andover Junction, 1992). The photo is credited to the late Jim Boyd.

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  7. gna

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    Terrific photos. Was 2002 assigned to the Sunnyland? That looks like a different E-unit in the 2nd photo.
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  8. klrwhizkid

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    Gary, normally an EA7 or an E8A was the power for the Sunnyland, but occasionally a GP7 with steam generator might be assigned. There are a number of photos on this forum showing the Sunnyland on the River Division with various E units, not a specific one.
  9. gna

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    I've seen the FP7 with shorter passenger trains, too. I wonder if they ever filled in? I'll have to look...
  10. WindsorSpring

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    Could the top photo be in Shrewsbury looking due west to maybe west-southwest? There is something in the background to the right that looks like railroad roadbed. If so, that would be the Rolla Sub with Old Orchard to the left. The photo does not show the gasometers of "Monument Valley," but I believe they are just out of the scene to the right.

    The area in the foreground to the left of the tracks would now be the Metrolink Shrewsbury Station parking lot and the Lansdowne Avenue bridge is about 1/8 mile to the SSE.
  11. klrwhizkid

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    George, I am also of the opinion that the first picture is in the Shrewsbury area, however I believe the view is to the North-Northwest and the Gasometers would be to the just out of the field of view to the left and the Metrolink station would be to the back of the photographer. The placement of the photographer would be now about on the center median of I-44 just to the west of the Metrolink overpass.
  12. yardmaster

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    Gary, I can't recall, offhand, any consists list or photos of an FP7 on 807/808 but think it's certainly plausible. I'll have to look, too. Ken, Karl, Keith, Tim Cannon or other River Division folk might be able to confirm prior.

    Thanks again for sharing these, Keith.
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  13. Coonskin

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    FP7's were used often on the short trains of the Monett-Fort Smith "Meteorite" (cessation of service was Sept '65). Prior to 1957 (cessation of service), they went further south of Fort Smith on the Arthur Sub.

    Wistful thinking:

    What sight it would have been to ride the passenger train over either sub, but (for me) seeing as I've had a lot of experience on the Ozark line, it would have been a special treat to have seen (or RUN) passenger trains over Winding Stair south of FS in the Ouachita mountains. Some beautiful country, the Ouachitas and Ozarks.

    Still kicking my butt for not capitalizing on Mac McAdam's numerous attempts to get me to go with him from Fort Smith to Hugo. What was I thinking? I could have at been on board to Talihina?? Oh well.

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  14. gna

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    If someone wished to model passenger trains, this version of the Sunnyland is an excellent pike-sized passenger train.

    I couldn't find Fp7s on the Sunnyland, but there several of them leading the "Meteorite." Mike Condren has several pictures, too. Similar consist--one or two baggage cars, combine, but a lightweight coach.
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  15. gstout

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    FP7 #5040 was photographed on Train #518, the BLACK GOLD, a heavyweight coach-and-sleeper job that ran between Tulsa and Dallas-Fort Worth. A photo of this train appears on page 46 of Frisco Southwest, by McCall and Schultz, a book I picked up at a hobby shop in Chicago many years ago. However, the caption indicates that the photo dates from 1967, which is obviously not correct. It should be 1957, as we all know what Frisco passenger service looked like in 1967.

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  16. fredpavey

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    FP7’s were used on the passenger train into Wichita on occasion along with GP7’s and
    Racehorse units at other times.
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  17. klrwhizkid

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    I have never read of or seen a diesel other than an EA7, E8A or GP7 on the Sunnyland on the River Division.
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  18. Sirfoldalot

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    Beautiful photographs, Keith, but I am confused?
    I thought the "Sunnyland" was a K.C. train?
    What am I missing?
  19. gstout

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    The "main stem" of the SUNNYLAND was indeed a Kansas City-Memphis-Birmingham train, a second-banana operation running opposite the KANSAS CITY-FLORIDA SPECIAL. However, prior to the great bloodletting of 1965, there was also a St. Louis-Memphis section of the SUNNYLAND, which, as the photos above show, was basically a mail and express job. In even earlier years there was a second train on the route, an overnighter called the MEMPHIAN.

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  20. Karl

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    The Sunnyland made its inaugural run on October 7, 1925 and provided through Pullman service between KC -St Petersburg and KC-Tampa. The train also handled a KC-New Orleans sleeper via Memphis and the IC. Through chair cars were handled between KC and Atlanta and a Frisco diner operated between KC and Birmingham. During the following years, the Frisco and connecting roads made numerous changes to the trains’ schedule, equipment, and destinations. On April 21, 1940 the Sunnyland was restructured. Operation between KC and Springfield was discontinued and replaced with locals, 103 and 104, which operated between Springfield and Ft Scott. At Ft Scott, train 103 connected with train 111 and train 104 connected with 118. The Springfield-Memphis segment of the Sunnyland and the Memphis-Birmingham segment of the Sunnyland were now essentially separate trains due to lengthy layovers in Memphis.

    In its 1955 Annual Report, the Frisco management used the words “official policy to discontinue unprofitable passenger trains” for the first time ever. After decades of investing in and operating unprofitable passenger trains, railroad management had thrown-in the towel. On September 30, 1956 the Frisco discontinued trains 101 and 102 (Springfield-Memphis passenger local) and trains 103 and 104 (Springfield-Ft Scott passenger local). On October 1, 1956, the Sunnyland, trains 107 and 108, returned to KC. The “new Sunnyland” was a mere shadow of its former self. It was the local, making every stop between KC and Birmingham train. Between KC and Springfield the train carried 3-4 baggage cars (more as traffic demands required), a baggage-RPO, 2 chair chairs, and chair buffet on the end.

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