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    I just recieved some Frisco box car and caboose decals off ebay from dkmtech. They look good. The rebuilt USRA car with the large coonskin is currently missing a black background and outline but the manufacture said he was willing to correct it. The 37 AAR box is the as delivered Frisco Lines scheme and looks good. And the wide vision caboose is great for 60s and 70s era. However, we have discussed the addition of the Southeast...Southwest lettering on the cupola. He seems responsive and willing to polish these sheets up.

    Also check out the steam and 3 window caboose decals. Now if we could convince him to do the early diesels in several scales.....

    Tom P
    Gainesville VA
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    This appears on the Model Railroader website as an announced product release. Not sure if the same vendor from eBay....

    St. Louis-San Francisco (Frisco) steam locomotive decals. White (freight) and bronze gold (passenger) versions. HO scale, $6; O scale, $8. Add $2 shipping and handling per order. Gary Major, White Pass Models, 22902 Orting Kapowsin Hwy., Graham, WA 98338

    Sorry if a repeat....

    Merry Christmas,

    -Bob T.

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