Frisco Run-Through Operations

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    Another excellent find. The page is a little hard to read, so I am working on converting it to a table that should be easier on the eyes. I'll have it ready later this afternoon.
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    Did the best I could to transcribe that page into excel and make it into an easier to read table.

    Interesting to note the two MP trains that originate/terminate in Memphis

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    That is a little easier to read than the original. You got got the X to indicate run through power. I think that is important for modeling purposes.
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    I moved the x in the first column to a new column with a yes/no indication
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    The MP-SLSF run-through trains at Memphis noted above were MP trains MLF / LMF between MP's North Little Rock hump yard and Frisco's Tennessee Yard. MP initiated various trains that were pre-blocked at Little Rock for direct interchange to connections at Memphis. MLF / LMF were started on March 6, 1976, and were still in effect (on the books at least) in December 1980. Pre-dating the Frisco trains were train pairs with Southern (MLS/LMS), L&N (MLN/LMN) and ICG (MLI/LMI). During the mid-1970's to early 1980s MP operated 4 train pairs between Little Rock and Memphis, with the 4th train being LMY/MLY that handled anything not riding on a pre-blocked train for a specific connecting RR. Prior to the start of MLF-LMF, Frisco traffic moved on LMY-MLY. It appears that the ICG run-throughs were dropped around the time the Frisco trains started, although I have no specific dates.
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