Frisco Run-Through Operations

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  1. No problem. I'm always glad to help.
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    Thanks for the great thread! It looks like in the early 1970's, the CTB was run through to the SCL as well, bound for Hamlet. There is a small amount of information on the SCL run throughs in the SCL run through correspondence available here. An excerpt:

    SCL SLSF 1970 runthroughs.JPG
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    I have some more questions.

    Do we know an approximate date when the QLA/CTB arrangements started? And the NWF/FSE?

    Also, do we know what the original train numbers were for these runthroughs? Looking through ETT's this morning, the first time I can find the actual QLA label is a 73 Eastern Division ETT. By 75, all of the lettered trains are in there.

    Also, an observation I made this morning is that the 75 Northern Division ETT lists a south bound train labeled UPX, but the 79 ETT doesn't list it. Could UPX be the other half of KCX?
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  4. Thanks for sharing. It's impressive how many run-through trains SCL operated during the 1970s. This explains why SCL power could be seen all over the country in locations such as North Platte (Bailey), Houston (Englewood) and Tulsa (Cherokee).

    Believe it or not, we know the exact date Frisco and Santa Fe started pooling power: 10 January 1962. As for when Frisco started pooling power with Union Pacific and Seaboard Coast Line, a cursory search on Google Books suggests it was sometime in 1969 when Trains published a blurb about the new run-through service.
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    Source please.

    I believe it may have started earlier than that.

    The F9B units and the two F3As rebuilt to F9A standards were equipped with dynamic brakes for use on pool trains with the Santa Fe. Those were delivered mid 1950s, if I remember correctly.
  6. Mike Schafer's book Classic American Railroads Volume III contains the following passage in its entry about the Frisco:
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    Regarding the reference to Classic American Railroads Volume III.... Frisco trains 37 and 437 originated at St Louis, not Birmingham. 37 was a St Louis-Irving/DFW train, 437 ran all the way to the QA&P Floydada-ATSF connection.

    435 was the Birmingham-Floydada train.

    As early as March 1960, Frisco was running 435 and 437 west to Floydada/ATSF (30 was the eastbound connection to St Louis, the other eastbound out of Floydada was 36, running to Oklahoma City.)
    I checked a 1958 Official Guide, and the only Floydada trains were 437 from St Louis, and 30 to St Louis.
  8. Thank you for clearing that up, Ted. The author seems to have conflated trains 37 and 437 with the later QLA and BTX.
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