Frisco Rock Island System Map, June 1906

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    This map was included in the railroad's 1906 Annual Report.

    It's a shame that Yoakum's empire didn't last as depicted in this map. A Frisco that included the C&EI and the Texas/Gulf Coast Lines would have been a formidable competitor.

    I am not certain that retaining the CRIP would have been a good thing. One knock against the Rock was that it went every where that everyone else did, but took the longer way to get there.....but the Chocktaw Line and the Rock's connection with the Espee at Tucumcari would have been useful to the Frisco.

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    Perhaps the bigger problem the Rock Island had was that it got to too many places over trackage rights, e.g., Denver, so that it had limited ability to gather traffic.

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    Aahh, my two favorite lines: SL-SF 1st, CRI&P 2nd.

    The Rock did seem to seek out the scenic route when compared to other roads. It would have been nice, however, if the Frisco or anyone for that matter would have acquired the STL to KC line and upgraded it for a direct fast freight route between Missouri's two largest cities. I guess there was just too much competition from Mopac and N&W for this, which is what hurt it in the first place. The unused portion of the RI Stl. subdivision starts about 200 yards behind my house. It's really sad to see it in the condition that it's in now.

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    And generally got there last, as well.
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    My son and I drove parallel to the old CRIP west of Eldon, MO in the spring coming back from Camp Hohn (BSA). I couldn't tell if there was still any track, but many line poles and the roadbed obviously remained but with significant trees and brush.

    Quoth Leadbelly, "The Rock Island Line, it's a mighty good road."

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    The track is still there...most of it from STL to KC is still there with the exceptions of where it was removed/paved over for new highway.

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