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    Attached is a spreadsheet of Frisco preserved cabooses.

    We have attempted to list a specific street number address, city, county and state wherever possible. Additional information about the site (city park, etc.) is included if available.

    The current location of these cars can be dynamic, with some of these cars moving targets. Field research with photographs, addresses, interviews with owners and additional notes are encouraged. We welcome additions and corrections.

    Ideally as a group we will establish a Frisco week or weekend for field research. Frisco folks can then target remaining Frisco cabooses, bridges, depots, etc in their area to photograph and document the current status. This will help build our information base and could lead to improved preservation efforts.

    Hope this helps.



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    Great work Mark, You have listed a handful of cabooses that I did not know survived, now I have more "too see cabooses" on my list. I noticed a couple of entries that can be updated... Caboose 1735 is no longer at Picher OK, she was moved to a summer camp called 5 mile Camp, in extreme NE Oklahoma, not too far from Joplin. I will look for the address and post it soon, also 1228 is no longer at Okmulgee OK, it has been missing since about 2001 or 2002. Caboose 1259 exists somewhere on display but I have no idea where it is, found a pic on the web and posted it on this site under the thread for caboose 1259. Your earlier posts have been very valuable to me when I first started driving to caboose locations to see them. Every summer my boys and me drive to new locations to see SLSF cabooses that we have not seen before.
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    I notice that Frisco caboose 1415 is sitting along with an L&N caboose, both without trucks in a fenced in lot on old 66 between the Six Flags exit and Pacific. It's been there for a while now.
  4. paul slavens

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    Just wanted to update, caboose 1259 has been discovered in Glen Ullin ND, there are pics and more info on the thread for caboose 1259. Another unknown number 1200 class caboose has been discovered in Underwood MN, and the caboose at Mt. Vernon Mo is 1202.
  5. Just found this list. I remeber the caboose at Hardy Arkansas being at the library. Does anyone know where it is? Been a while since I was down there.
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    Where is the old 66 exit and Pacific? I would assume that it is in the St. Louis area. Thanks

    Tony LaLumia
  7. Yes Tony, near St. Louis. I found the salvage yard with #1415 sitting in it on google maps. The cars sit on Business Loop 44 at Hyndrich Brothers Towing and Recovery. I wonder how much they want for the caboose?

    Murphy Jenkins

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