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Discussion in 'General' started by Joseph Toth, Jul 8, 2013.

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    Please pardon me if this manufacturer has been mentioned and if so I ask Charlie to redirect this thread to the proper location. I put this here because Union Station Products ( offers their plastic passenger cars sides not only in in HO or N, but now in S and O scale as well. They list Frisco and Katy car sides including P-S cars for the Texas Special. Have their products been reviewed on this site or in any model magazines? Are there any members who have built these cars using Train Station Products core kits as they recommend?

    Item: American Models has released real nice Texas Special items in S scale but are all incorrect so anyone wanting Frisco or Katy P-S cars in S scale will now have the opportunity as will O scalers.

    They mention that they have been making their car sides in HO and N scale since 1995 so I assume some Frisco modelers in these scales have built their kits. If you have photos have you or will you please post in the gallery pages. Their web site is correct as of April 22, 2013 and is very interesting, especially the Frisco offerings. They mention that any cars that were built with fluting are so equipped in their car kits.
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    We carried these in our "Company Store" for the appropriate ACL & SAL // SCL and FEC // RF&P and PRR cars associated with "Florida" trains....along with some IC for City of Miami, Seminole, etc. for a long time. They sold modestly and the cars built from them (Joe Oates has a bunch) are nice. They just took a long time to sell off and Union Station didn't give us much of a dealer break. Business is business, but they will fill a nice passenger roster and I certainly recommend using them for your consists...whatever the scale.

    Buck Dean
    Atlantic Coast Line & Seaboard Air Line Historical Society
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    Thanks for the info. I know Joe and other Tampa Bay railfans having lived in Tampa in the 1959-1964 era and vacationing in the 80s and 90s. I worked part time for Chester Holley and in the 80s/90s inventoried the books each year. After he passed away I continued the same proceedure with Diane. We attended T.R. Robinson High School together during our senior year (1963-64). I have as much of an interest in the ACL and SAL as I do for the Frisco and Katy out Texas way.

    Pix of the Union Station Products cars would be welcomed to view if any members have any on their layouts.

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