Frisco Inspired Paint Job on an Open Window Coach

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  1. Hello,
    I am helping to paint an open window coach and a GP9 into a Frisco inspired paint job. It is inspired as it will be painted as accurate to what a Frisco coach would have looked like. But it will be lettered for the Belton Grandview & Kansas City Railroad using Frisco font.

    I am looking for the a color sample for green and roof colors. As well as the correct lettering font, height, color, and any other relevant details.

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    Pullman Green, black roof. Decals for Frisco Heavyweights can be found.
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  3. There's various shades of Pullman Green. I was curious what information can be found on the lettering font and size mainly because we are going to use it to letter it for our railroad paying homage to the Frisco.

    This is the coach now:

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