Frisco in KS 1964-1970

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    FriscoFriend posted about this 20 Jan 2009, but there wasn't much discussion, so have the idea that maybe the timing was wrong, or not many found the download on the referenced site. These are big sharp images, 11 of the Frisco toward the end. Bob notes that most of the Frisco photos were taken on the Wichita Subdivision at the small rural towns of Severy, Beaumont, and Leon, between 50 and 70 miles west of Wichita.

    This is a slideshow of digital images made from color slides of the Union Pacific, Santa Fe, Milwaukee Road and the Frisco in and around Kansas City 1964-70, a free 20MB download in .swf format.

    More info at

    Scroll to the bottom to read the comments.
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    I had to go to MRH magazine to view the videoo, I could not get the .swf file to open. Interesting photos, but it sure would of helped to know the locations; I am not sure where some of them were taken. any way to access the sildes other than the video?
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    Hi Richard - Thanks for your response.

    Using Firefox 3.6.16, you can direct the browser to download instead of open.

    Navigate to Tools > Options > Apllications

    Highlight "x-shockwave-flash" and choose "Save File" from the drop down menu on the right.

    You can also right-click the URL and choose "Save as" to the download folder.

    I used IrfanView v4.28 to navigate to the Frisco images using the slider

    Paused the player on the specific slide I wanted to copy

    Using an old DOS/W3.1 program called WinPtr, I drew a rectangle around the slide and saved as a .bmp file, then used IrfanView to convert the .bmp to a .jpg

    There are probably easier ways but I use what's imprinted in my brain from past successes :)

    I'll try attaching a .jpg so you can see the results.

    - George

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    MRH has a recommended viewer

    ----- start quote -----

    To play back Flash/Shockwave video files (.swf), we recommend you download and use the free Adobe Media Player (2.3 MB):

    Once you have installed Adobe Media Player:

    1. Click My Favorites
    2. Click MY PERSONAL VIDEOS tab
    3. Click + ADD VIDEO (at bottom)
    4. Browse to the .swf file you want to play
    5. Enjoy the video!

    ----- end quote -----

    Should have noted I use Win XP Home SP3 - don't know if same for Vista or 7

    Using my method, you can right click on the "dowload now" link or the triangle "play" button

    In the Apps section highlight the entry for .zip files and choose "Always Ask" or "Save File" as you choose. Since a lot of RR stuff is .pdf's I set those to download instead of view also. The same little WinPtr program will also pick images out of ,pdf's.

    IrfanView is a free program

    WinPtr is a free program
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    The Frisco pictures (if I counted right) are picture 49 & 50 Beaumont, 51 Neodesha, 52 ?, 53 Flint Hills, 54 Leon, 55 Augusta switching the refinery, 56 ?, 57 Lenexa, 58 Severy, 59 Kansas City?? And 38 is ATSF crossing the Frisco at Severy. I think most of these have been posted before so accept my apology if this is old news.

  6. renapper (Richard Napper RIP 3/8/2013)

    renapper (Richard Napper RIP 3/8/2013) Passed away March 8, 2013

    Thanks for the help, guys.
    Richard E. Napper

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