Frisco frieght cars - Riverton, Kansas

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  1. April

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    Does anyone know what happened to the three ancient freight cars that were located at the Empire District Electric Company Riverton Generating Station? In the early 1990's I received permission to photograph them. They included a steel two-bay coal hopper (still in Frisco Lines lettering), a low side wood gondola (with arch bar trucks) and a home built car (also with arch bar trucks) that appeared to be used to grind coal.

  2. Jim James

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    Re: Frisco frieght cars - Riverton Kansas

    Please post your photos if you still have them.
  3. April

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    Re: Frisco frieght cars - Riverton Kansas

    I will as soon as I can figure out how to work my scanner...


  4. Friscotony

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    Re: Frisco frieght cars - Riverton Kansas

    Where is the location of the plant you speak of?? I know that there was a small plant just east of Parson and on the south side of the road. If this is the plant, I think I know where the cars ended up.

    Tony LaLumia
  5. April

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    Re: Frisco frieght cars - Riverton Kansas

    Riverton is located west of Galena, KS.

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    Riverton...on old Route 66, with that beautiful WPA concrete arch bridge over the Spring River. Neat little town.
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    The equipment was offered to the old Frisco museum in Springfield and they declined so it was sold for scrap. All equipment is gone as well as the track into the plant. They are getting ready to retire it. The WPA arch bridge over Spring River has been gone for sometime now, replaced with a modern bridge. Also, the old Spring River Inn burned down several years ago.

    John Chambers

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