Frisco Freight car donated to Heartlands group

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    Rick Webb, C.E.O. and owner of Watco has approved the donation of a Frisco 2-bay covered cement hopper number 84184 to the Heart of the Heartlands group for their railroad museum at Carona, Kansas. The car was built in Nov. of 1959 and is still painted in Frisco gray and has the large Frisco billboard lettering in black intact on both sides and the numbers are still in the Frisco black script. The only change that has been made on the car is the reporting marks of SLSF have been overpainted with SKOL. The car has been used in cement service since built so is covered with cement dust, some of which has hardened. The car is currently in storage and will be moved to Carona by the railroad when convenient. It is rare to find a 50 year old Frisco car in this close to an as delivered state and the car will make a fine addition to the collection at Carona.

    John Chambers
    Heartlands Historian and Board Member
  2. Rick McClellan

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    Sounds like an excellent reason to go back to Corona. Thanks John.

    Ship IT on the Frisco!

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    My congratulations, John, on the gift to the museum. I still look forward to my first visit - and some of that fine fried chicken from down the road. :)
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    that is awesome! Rick has the right idea, I'll have to go back and check it out some time.
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    I stopped through Carona Sunday on the way back from the Frisco Festival and got some photographs of the above mentioned car. Enjoy!

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    Looks like one of those nice Kadee cars. Looks real.

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