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  1. frisco4301

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    Of the many items I have found interesting over the years, I have grown particularly fond of the Frisco's train arrival/departure boards. With the company name boldly identified at the top, these boards were of various dimensions and all that I have had the opportunity to view, were hand lettered. On most that I have seen, the lettering may have been applied over old lettering at least once and sometimes more than once. Attached are some examples of these boards that I have been able to find and photograph over the years. Jeff

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  2. slsf580

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    Great photos Jeff! Thanks for sharing. It would be great to get a painting template for their standard board and reproduce these to put in your layout room!
  3. frisco1522

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    I just saw one of these on ebay. Did you win it?
  4. frisco4301

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    No--the seller has it listed with a $3,275.00 "but it now". I was not aware until this listing that Frisco also made a precious metal version.
  5. Rancho Bob

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    This came from a huge auction held in New Jersey on July 11th of some guys collection. According to inside sources the guy who won it at the auction, assumed to be this seller, paid around $3,000 for it.

  6. yardmaster

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    These seem to have been quite ubiquitous across the Frisco's territory. I have scanned the photo of the one in FriscoPower, scaled down and printed. However, I reckon I should check Blair Line first. Dale Rush, I haven't seen you around these parts lately?
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    Here is a close up of my "home made" bulletin board. 1/32 scale, on my Frisco free lanced depot. Not bad for a kid!!! :0)


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