Frisco Caboose 200 - 274 Paint Blue Print

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    I usually do not go to the Plano, Texas train show, but I did today. I went into a side room and ran across a gentleman who had some Frisco timetables on this table. He asked me if I liked Frisco, and well you can guess of my response. Turns out he had 5 small plastic tubs full of Frisco "stuff." He used to live near the Frisco yard in Fort Worth. In 1981, he was 10 years old and when the BN took over, he said they cleaned out the yard office and threw away all of the timetables, manuals, paper, etc. into the dumpster. He said he watched them do it. Fortunately, he went dumpster diving and rescued a lot of it. Long story short he was selling all of dumpster material at the train show today. I bought it all including this blueprint of the 200 - 274 caboose series. I'll take a better picture of it, but I am really excited to go through all of this material. I have two tubs full of old train order onion skins. I'll work as diligently as possible to catalog and upload this material. Frisco Caboose Paint Blueprint.jpg Sample Train Order.jpg
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    Great find Mike!!! There has to be a great deal of treasures in those bins.

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    Mike, I would gladly reimburse you for taking that blueprint to a Fedex Office and have them scan that to pdf file that we could post here.
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    Hey Mike,

    Sorry that I missed you at the show. I looked through some of that guy's stuff, but should have asked a few more questions. Great finds!

    -Bob T.
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    Hi Keith,

    Thank you for the offer. I'm contacting a company called Alpha Graphics close to me to find out about having the blue print scanned, and as soon as I can get it done, I'll upload a pdf for everyone. The date on the blue print is 1956. It's in pretty good shape for 64 years old! I did not have a chance tonight to sort through much tonight, but I did attach the following.

    Sorry I missed you at the show Bob. I sure would have liked to have met you!


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    Mike, Thanks very much for snaring these. I’d be eager to see the train orders scanned and shared as time allows.
    Best Regards,
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    Hi Keith,

    I hope to start scanning this weekend. Sorry for the delay. Job, etc. are keeping me crazy busy.

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