Frisco (BNSF) Yard Springfield Mo

Discussion in 'Springfield Terminal' started by railroadguy65, Feb 14, 2009.

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    :) Frisco (BNSF) Yard Springfield Mo - Shot no.3 clearly shows where the Diesel Shop used to stand.

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    What a pityfull view! At least I have vivid memories of what was. Thanks for posting the photo.
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    :) Microsoft Live map view of the Springfield, Mo Yards
    click the links below.

    If you do not have Micorsoft Virtual Earth 3D loaded, it will ask you to do so.

    It should take you to the link, if not, re click on these link after you install it.

    be patient - while loading - it will take you there.

    View one, w/ Rountable

    View two, Where the diesle shops were on the right and the yard office on the left

    View three, view of the old Frisco Springfield shops

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