Frisco and private industry structures in Blytheville Arkansas

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    Hello all,

    mist been quite a while since I’ve posted on the site but have a question about structures in Blytheville Arkansas. I have seen photos of the Blytheville depot but am curious if there are any photos of the freight depot? Also am curious if there are any photos of cotton mill/cotton industry structures that were served by the Frisco in Blytheville?

    thanks for any help!
    trains1504 Mark H
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    I had a good customer in Blytheville back in 1970-71 when I was a chemical salesman. But I don't remember anything about the town and its structures, sorry. My biggest recollection about the place was watching the B-52's take off with all their jet smoke from the Air Force base that was close by.
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    Thanks Ken.

    Lived around Cape Girardeau In the early 80’s and got interested in the river division then. Am finally able to work on a model railroad loosely based on the river division and wondered about Structures in a lot of the towns along the line. Drove through Blytheville when my wife and I went to visit our son in Baton Rouge earlier this summer. So I realized I could post the question here.

    thanks for the reply
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    Outside of Sanborn maps showing the em freight house positioning, I’m not familiar with any photos. That said: I would hope there would be photos out there somewhere for a town of Blytheville’s size.

    As a River Division native...looking forward to seeing how your modeling comes along.
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    Thanks so much. As I said earlier my layout is roughly based on the river division. I have looked at some of the sanborn maps and have a pretty good idea of the location of things. Because I’m retired I hope to take a day trip in the fall and try to head to the Blytheville area to check out the area in person.
    Thanks again!!
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