Frisco 3695 (Pt. 2)

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  1. 3-cylinder-12

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    The one and only 3695 is under a roof now, as a side note.

    Using a drone I can get in-cab photos without actually having to climb on the engine. I got this one of 3695's pressure gauge. It's marked as tested June 4th, 1949.

    Does anyone know when the 3695 was finally retired from Scullin Steel?

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  2. meteor910

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    Great news! Where is 3695 placed under roof at NMOT?

    About time! I remember it being about one-third covered with poison ivy back in the 1970's! I hope this means 3695 has a better future than I feared. If so, well deserved.


    ps - Neat use of a drone!
  3. 3-cylinder-12

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    She is underneath the North-west corner of the Roberts Building (The biggest shed there with the red roof).

    I am currently working with who I can to try and move the old gal higher up on the priorities list. At least a coat of paint to help combat further rusting, similar to what the RR Museum of Pennsylvania has done with their collection. But that could be a ways off, 3695's not the only one in need out there. On the bright side, she's under cover now, and won't get much worse. The cab and tender is where she's gotten the most rot. Fortunately most of the damage is not structural, from what I can tell.

    Just wait until they let me pick up a paint brush around there!
  4. yardmaster

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    If I can add my humble request: no white edges on the drive wheels or running boards. :)

    Best Regards,
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  5. 3-cylinder-12

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    For the interested, #3695 was moved last May to pull some equipment out for the Night-shoot at the museum. It really opened up some space around the locomotive, and you could easily move around her. Here are some photos. I'll be out again in the next week or so to get some in-depth photos of the engine. Might break out the drone to get better cab photos if the weather is nice.
    Just glad there's no asbestos lagging to rot the boiler shell out any further.

    Where did this locomotive spend it's career with the Frisco?

    SAM_1619.JPG SAM_1602.JPG SAM_1603.JPG
  6. klrwhizkid

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    Here's an idea for the MOT; find someone to make castings of the 3695 number board from the smoke box and take orders to sell them. That may provide some funding for paint.
  7. meteor910

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    Trouble is Eagle Pitcher screwed it up from the Frisco original.
  8. 3-cylinder-12

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    Take the dimensions down for the coonskin plate, then create a 3d 1:1 CAD model. While in CAD, you can put on the appropriate numbers and markings. Then 3d print it and use it as a pattern to make copies. Simple enough. The hard part is finding the correct font to use on the replica.

    Put a group together to approach the MOT and gain approval for fundraising. All 3695 needs is a cleanup and a paint job to make her presentable and protect the steel, no need for a full cosmetic restoration- yet.

    This is what is left of her coonskin number plate, Scullin steel did this when she became "Scullin Steel #95"
    Photo By Rich Lawler
  9. frisco1522

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    If I restored it, I would restore it to Frisco.
    I remember seeing it switching around Scullin Steel and when I went to school at Maplewood-Richmond Heights Junior High School when I had a class in a east facing room, I could hear it switching and blowing the whistle.
  10. frisco1522

    frisco1522 Staff Member Staff Member

    All you need to do is create a 3. Pattern for the six is already on the plate.

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